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My name is Tyler and I study marital arts like taekwondo and brazilian jiu jitsu. I am 14 years old and am a green belt. Why do i like Hindu Pushups so much. Since I did hindu pushups I have much more endurance and strength and my BJJ teacher is impressed with me. All the other students want to know what Im doing. Well let me tell you that Hindu Pushups is it! Before i started with hindu pushups I was weak. I lifted weights but it didnt really help me because I didn't last long when I did my martial arts plus hindu pushups make you strong!

I learned about hindu pushups from Matt Furey. He has a lot of good info on them and other stuff on his site about fighting, wrestling, fitness. BUt if you want to get good at these stuff you must do hindu pusups. Hindu pushups is the king of the exercise and fitness.

Matt's teacher was the great Karl Gotch who teached him hindu pushups. He was a great catch wrestler they called him the god of pro wrestling in Japan. He did not believe in lifting weights and said that you can get strong with just using your own bodyweight. Thats why he was such a big fan of hindu pushups.

Bruce lee is i think the greatest martial artist in the world ever. He invented his own style of fighting called Jeet Kun Do. It is a combination of all different forms and kinds of fighting. Boxing, kicking, karate, kung fu, wrestling. Its good for close range fighting and far range fighting tactics. ENTER THE DRAGON is probably the best movie ever made. It is a classic. I bet Bruce did hindu pushups if anyone knows write me.

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